rebranding store elements
With the introduction of a brand evolution at the start of the year we needed to update some key store elements right away. The first was the digital menu. The tv-screen menus needed to be able to showcase the Fuzzy's menu clearly while 
Monthly Promotions
Our goal with Fuzzy's Taco Shop was to help create a stronger month-to-month marketing plan. We created promotions that worked best with their sales forecasting and where they wanted to see the brand grow. Our monthly promotions were tailored for POP, digital, direct mail and social executions.
social creative
The Fuzzy's Taco Shop presence on social media was a raw showcase of the Fuzzy's personality through memes, taco-centric messaging and mantras - sprinkled with a few promotions / food imagery. The content is for the Fuzzy's fans and not meant to be salesy. 
Agency: Johnson + Sekin   |   Creative Direction: Shannon Phillips, James Harrison   |   Copywriters: Alan McCoy, Bryce Morgan  |   Designer: Joanna Tang
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