The Annual Campaign
Infinite worked with Texas Wesleyan to produce the 6th annual iteration of it's "Smaller. Smarter." campaign. We helped develop a substantial group of lines to be used mainly in billboards and on TV spots. This was a real challenge in creating a group of lines that would speak to all the unique benefits of the university while still maintaining their sharp and quick witted style.
Creative Director: Jonathan Ogle, Mack McCullough   |   Associate Creative Director: Jason Heatherly
Copywriters: Greg Overhuls, Mallory Ashcraft, Jordan Spencer, Jed Schroeder and myself

 Alumni Magazine
My goal with the semi-annual Alumni Magazine involved the visual organization of their outreach, news, and awareness efforts.
Editor In Chief: Darren White   |   Editor: Nancy Strini   |   Photographer: Chuck Greerson
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